Black Benevolent Fund

At the turn of the last century times in our City were depressing, work was not plentiful and ill health was common. The Sir Knights of the City Grand Chapter decided that they would do something to aide and assist those less fortunate within our membership. In 1908 this assistance came about in the form of the Black Benevolent Fund. The stated objectives of the Fund was to provide support and assistance to those members of Preceptories within the City Grand Chapter, who through age, sickness or infirmity required help. Since then the Fund has carried out this objective, never failing those whom it was asked to help.

The Fund is maintained and managed with support from within the City Grand Chapter and has never appealed for funding outwith its own membership. The success of the Fund is an indication of the generosity of the Sir Knight of the City of Belfast Grand Black Chapter past and present

The management board today is drawn from the seven District Chapters. We strive to continue in the aims of the Fund so ably established those many years ago. It is a testament to the positive thinking of those Sir Knights in 1908 that so many of the membership have since then been assisted by the Benevolent Fund